Gas Turbines and Generators

Gas Turbines and  Generators

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Gas Turbines and Generators

Gas Turbines

Make Inquiry - New GE Gas Turbine Generator LM6000 60Hz .  Low maintenance brushless excitation system suitable for Class I, Group D, Div 2 areas. (Brush - Meidensha) 13,800 Volt, 60 Hz, 3600 RPM, 0.85pf.  - GAS TURBINE - Natural Gas fuel system, regulated fuel supply at 675 psig * 20 psig  General Electric  60Hz, LM6000 PD

Make an inquiry for more information - 47 MW LM6000 PC Sprints General Electric Gas Turbine Generator sets new with SCR  Winterized to - 20F - Natural Gas Only - Inlet Spray Mist Evaporative Cooling / Anti Icing Systems - exhaust heat exchangers - SCR's, NOx - 5 ppmvd at 15% O2, CO - 10 ppmvd at 15% O2, NH3 Slip - 10 ppmvd at 15% O2. - New factory warranty included

 Make InquiryGAS TURBINES : General Electric Frame 9's dual fuel, Model MS  9001E, 119Mw on natural gas, 116.8 diesel oil - 50Hz GE Frame 9's Gas turbine Generator sets . GENERATORS : Ashen: 140Mva,  Hydrogen cooled.

Make Inquiry -   GE GAS TURBINE : Max Capacity 6,500Kw Compressor 6,900 RPM 15 Stages, GE Turbine 6,900 RPM 2 stages single axle. General Electric 5Mm Gas turbine without Generator

Make Inquiry - 160 MW Generator Westinghouse Model: W501F  (NO Turbine) - 192 MVA Power factor  0.85, Nominal current 8032 A, Rated speed  3600 RPM, Frequency  60 Hz, Phases 3, Hydrogen cooled @ 45 psig, Nominal voltage 13.8 KV.  The Westinghouse 501F was originally purchased in 1997.

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